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Welcome to our Smoke N Vape Shop

SMOKE N VAPE in New York,is a local, family-owned smoke shop focused on vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, and all your smoking products. Our staff has more than 25 years of experience, and we’re proud to sell all of your favorite brands at affordable prices. Cigar enthusiasts, social smokers, and the newest generation of vapers will all find the accessories they need to enjoy the luxuries in life with our selection of products, along with exceptional service from experienced, friendly staff members.

Luxurious Cigars, Tobacco Pipes, & Smoking Accessories

Enjoy a luxurious smoking experience with the finest cigars, tobacco pipes, and smoking accessories from SMOKE N VAPE in New York, New York. We’re proud to provide the finest smoking experience and accessories to meet any tastes.


SMOKE N VAPE is your go-to for the best cigars from around the world. Stop by our smoke shop and browse through more than 30 different name-brand varieties for a delicious, new smoking experience with every cigar. We carry some of the favorites, including:

  • Cohiba™ – a Premium & Popular Brand
  • Ashton™ – Another Favorite That's Available in Dark & Light Blends
  • Arturo Fuente™ – Made by the Fuente Family for Generations
  • Montecristo™ – World's Most Famous Brand of Cigar
  • Partagas Cigars™ – Well-Known throughout the World for 160 Years
  • And more.
  • Rocky Patel™ – a Great Brand for Your Nicotine Craving
  • Romeo & Julieta™ – Named after Shakespeare's Famous Tragedy
  • La Gloria Cubana™ – a Full-Body Cigar
  • Oliva Cigar™ – Known for Award-Winning Blends
  • Te Amo™ Cigars – Considered One of the Most Popular Worldwide
  • La Aurora Cigars™ – Very Mild & Smooth

Smoking Accessories

It’s going to be hard to enjoy your cigar without the right lighter and cigar cutters. We have all the smoking accessories you need to light up, including cutters, humidors, and personal lighters from brands you trust such as Zippo™, Lamborghini™, Lotus™, and Tigo™. We also carry pipe lighters, tobacco crushers, and scales.

Count on SMOKE N VAPE in New York, New York to provide the finest electronics cigarettes, or pick up your own personal vaporizer device for a luxury vapor experience. You’ll find all the brands you trust at affordable prices you’re sure to love.

Personal Vaporizer Devices

Enjoy the finest in personal vaporizer devices when you choose SMOKE N VAPE in New York City. We carry a range of trusted name brands at affordable prices, so you can enjoy your favorite herbal blends, essential oils, or tobacco products as vapor.

New vaporizers are available each week, and every product is tested before it is sold. Most of our brands include a one-year warranty by the company , though used vaporizers cannot be returned


Browse our amazing selection of hookah pipes. Great deals with a quality selection of hookahs to smoke from. We make sure you are up and smoking right away with every hookah pipe purchase! We stand by all of our hookahs and are committed to helping you find the best hookah for your specific desires. Ask one of our friendly hookah experts by giving us a call.


  • Acid (by Starbuzz)
  • Zero (Herbal Hookah)
  • Haydro (Herbal Hookah) AND MORE!


  • Charcoal
  • Charcoal screens
  • Hoses
  • Bowls
  • Hole puncher
  • Exotic tongs
  • Crescent tongs


Tobacco Pipes
We’re your go-to source for unique, inexpensive tobacco pipes. We have a huge inventory that includes all your favorite brands, whether you’re adding to a collection or looking for a specific brand. Our inventory includes:

  • Stanwell™ Pipes – Artisan-Made of the Finest Briar
  • Medico™ Pipes – Both Bent & Straight Stems
  • Big Ben™ Pipes – Smaller & Convenient to Use

Additional Tobacco Pipes

  • Glass Pipes (with or without Designs)
  • Metal Pipes
  • Wooden Pipes
  • Water Pipes
  • Bubblers
  • Corn Pipes



Starter kits



Smoke without Health Hazard

Real Accessories and Tools

Cigars & Pipes
Mods & Tanks
  • Mods, Tanks, and Starter kits.

    We offer the largest selection of top brand e-cig mods, including: Aprire, Pioneer, Tobeco, Kamry, Hcigar, Innokin Itaste, Sigelie, EPHro, Eleaf iSmoka, SteamGear, SMY, Kanger, SMOK and more. Best Prices

  • Tobacco Pipes.

    We’re your go-to source for unique, inexpensive tobacco pipes. We have a huge inventory that includes all your favorite brands, whether you’re adding to a collection or looking for a specific brand.

  • Electronic Cigarettes.

    We carry a wide range of the latest electronic cigarettes from $7.00 to $15.00, including the popular electronic hookah e-cigarettes. Our most popular brands are Logic™, Green Smoke™ and Luxury Lites™, though we also carry Starburst™, Eonsmoke™, and many more.This new convenient way to smoke, or “vape,” is a portable solution you can enjoy on the go.

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